Official Hyrox Partner Gym


Join us for an unforgettable fitness experience that will leave you exhilarated and inspired.

We Are Official Partner Gym Of The World Series Of Fitness Racing

Welcome to our fitness studio, where we are thrilled to announce our official partnership with HYROX! As a dedicated HYROX partner gym, we are committed to providing you with the ultimate fitness experience. Whether you’re an elite athlete or a beginner on a journey to improve your overall fitness, our state-of-the-art facility offers the perfect environment to train for and conquer the HYROX challenges. Join us as we embrace the HYROX spirit of athleticism, teamwork, and personal growth, and together, let’s push the boundaries of what we can achieve. Get ready to elevate your fitness game and unleash your full potential at our esteemed HYROX partner gym.

What is HYROX

Welcome to HYROX, the ultimate fitness challenge that combines functional workouts and endurance racing like never before. HYROX is a one-of-a-kind event that pushes athletes of all levels to their limits through a series of intense workout stations, testing strength, stamina, and mental fortitude. Participants face a variety of fitness disciplines, including running, rowing, and functional exercises such as burpees, farmers walks and wall balls. Whether you’re an individual competitor or part of a team, HYROX offers a thrilling and inclusive atmosphere where athletes can push themselves and achieve new heights.

Join us for an unforgettable fitness experience that will leave you exhilarated and inspired.

Are you ready to HYROX?

how can strongfit gym help you improve your next hyrox race time!!

A successful HYROX race will require, among several attributes; structure, commitment, patience, healthy nutrition and discipline. STRONGFIT Gym will help you on this journey making the process less complicated and more fun, watch yourself improving every week becoming stronger and more fit.


Community is one of the cornerstones of what makes STRONGFIT Gym. Motivation, team work and an a social environment make our workouts more enjoyable and healthier. In HYROX the communal spirit drives our participants to exceed their own limits realizing that together we can achieve more. 

our community


It is essential to have a well planned conditioning program for HYROX due to it’s mixed modality energy requirement. Our coaches have a good understanding of how to prepare your body for this challenge so you can rest assured on competition day you won’t be entering unfamiliar ground. 


HYROX speaks to our philosophy, the sport requires you to not only be FIT but also to be STRONG. Training strength is critical for your performance in HYROX and timing that recovery from strength training to not have a negative impact on your other workouts is critical.

Ultimately the goal is to be able to demand strength from our bodies without getting overloaded from the continuous aerobic requirement, to do this we train using Hybrid fitness methods. 

Sled workouts

Sled training, encompassing push and pull variations, demands unique techniques and conditioning. StrongFit Gym offers specialized training to maximize your sled workout potential, ensuring you achieve your fitness goals effectively.


Nutrition plays a key role in ensuring you have enough daily energy to get through your day and perform in your workouts preparing for HYROX. Most competitors don’t realize what an important role nutrition plays leading up to your race day, this can be the factor that makes or breaks your performance. We will teach your nutrition can complement and improve your performance. 

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